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Peanut bolt of India 50/60
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 46.50 UAH from 200 kg.
Peanut caloric content Product with the high content of fats and proteins, its caloric content - 552 kcal on 100 g. In a dried peanut - 611 kcal on 100 g. And the caloric content of peanut butter - 884 kcal. Nutrition value in 100 grams: Proteins, gr Fats, gr Carbohydrates, gr Ashes,...
Group: Peanut
Raisin Iranian
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 43.50 UAH from 1000 kg.
raisin Iranian
Group: Self-heating food
Fig of 1 kg
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 135 UAH from 300 kg.
Group: Figs
Dried apricots industria
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 55 UAH(55 EUR) from 300 kg.
Dried apricots industriat
Group: Self-heating food
Czech Republic poppy
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 67 UAH from 500 kg.
Czech Republic poppy
Group: Poppy food
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 1000 UAH from 6 t.
Group: Chick-pea
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 40.50 UAH(1.40 USD) from 200 kg.
Dates — edible fruits of a date palm tree — a widespread food product, are widely available as dried fruits. For industrial cultivation certain grades of a date palm tree are used. Dates contain 60 — 65% of carbohydrates - the highest percent in comparison with other fruit, is also present copper,...
Group: Date
Prunes dried
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 42.78 UAH(1.55 USD) from 200 kg.
Ukrainian and Uzbek prunes dried
Group: Prunes
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 25 UAH(25 EUR) from 1000 kg.
Lentil wholesale
Group: Lentil
Language beef
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 100 UAH(3.07 USD) from 200 kg.
It is necessary to cook fresh beef tongue about 3 hours. It is ready when the tip of language can be pierced easily. It is necessary to skin language of any kind after cooking (kalorizator). Language in a boiled look differs in gentle, pleasant taste. The skin from languages is removed after a...
Group: By-products
Gammons chicken
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 37.50 UAH from 1000 kg.
gammons chicken
Cheese firm krasnogradskiya
In stock | Only wholesale 
Wholesale: 93 UAH from 300 kg.
CHEESE OF THE RUSSIAN KRASNOGRADSKY 50% (WEIGHT OF THE CIRCLE 8KG) Cheese firm "Russian classical" TM Krasnogradsky Igotovlen on TU U 15.5-24934992-005:2005U U 15.8-24934992-012:2008 The semisolid abomasal cheese developed from cow's milk. As initial raw materials at its preparation serves...
Group: Cheese, hard


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