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Peanut bolt of India 50/60
  • Peanut bolt of India 50/60
  • Peanut bolt of India 50/60
  • Peanut bolt of India 50/60
  • Peanut bolt of India 50/60
  • Peanut bolt of India 50/60

Peanut bolt of India 50/60

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  • 50 UAH/kg.  - from 100 kg.
Country of manufacture:India

Peanut caloric content

Product with the high content of fats and proteins, its caloric content - 552 kcal on 100 g. In a dried peanut - 611 kcal on 100 g. And the caloric content of peanut butter - 884 kcal.

Nutrition value in 100 grams:

Proteins, gr Fats, gr Carbohydrates, gr Ashes, gr Water, gr Caloric content, kcal
26, 4 45, 3 9, 8 2, 7 8 500 - 800

Peanut (names earth and Chinese nut are still widespread) - the name of plants from family of Bean and fruits of the same name. The peanut homeland - South America where there are about 70 species of this plant. Now the peanut is considered valuable food culture and is grown up in the majority of the countries with warm climate - in a number of the countries of South America, the USA, Italy, Spain, France, and also many countries of Africa and the Southern Asia.

The peanut finds broad application in a candy store and the food industry. Nutlets are eaten both in crude, and in a fried look, also they are added to many confectionery or do of them various creams and pastes.

In many countries the bulk of a harvest is processed on peanut butter which on the food qualities practically does not concede to olive. The premiums of peanut butter use for preparation of margarine, confectionery and bakery products, fish canned food and for production of medical supplies. Less qualitative oil is used in production of soap.

Also the peanut is used in production of plastic, artificial wool (ardit), glue and other production of chemical industry.

Country of manufacture:India
Information is up-to-date: 25.11.2020
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